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Reclaiming My Body – making rehab fun …

The CSRC advocates for differently-abled people to embrace a full and active life by using sport as a vehicle for inclusion. Wheelchair dancing is the activity that drives this advocacy, with body movement workshops being facilitated  at places like the Western Cape Rehabilitation Centre as a wheelchair users learn that you can use the physical function you have in many ways to have fun through dance. And more importantly, they learn how they can teach their own family members and supporters how to encourage them to use their abilities to the full – instead of focusing on the impairments.

Creating Dance In New Spaces …



The CSRC has started coaching therapists and teachers from schools for people with disabilities. We believe this is where sustainable development of Dancesport for the Disabled can thrive, without the challenges of transport and finding partners. This program then happens as part of the school’s cultural programme – in school time or directly after school. Growing dance schools in the community where you live and work – the best option!



Growing New Partners …



CSRC coaches conduct training sessions for administrators, coaches and dancers from Dance Organisations and Studios that do not have any differently-abled dancers in their own spaces, but are keen to support the delevopment of adaptive athletes and create a more inclusive dance community nation-wide.

To promote and provide sports and recreational opportunities for people with disabilities in an inclusive social and sporting environment.



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